Express Healing

Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology is an ancient oriental healing therapy that works on the principal that the entire body is connected to relax points in the feet. Massaging these reflex points restores natural energy flow and rejuvenates you by sending waves of deep relaxation throughout your body

  • Includes back and hand massage
  • Includes complimentary foot pack

Head Massage (Oil Free)


This traditional Indian head massage combines both gentle and stimulating techniques on the shoulders, neck and scalp to improve blood flow, nourish the scalp and induce a sense of calm.

Floral Indulgence

Complete pampering of the feet. Indulge yourself in a royal treatment of invigorating foot bath that will rejuvenate aching muscles and will leave you with nothing but pure bliss. The process begins with soaking of the foot with jasmine crystal followed by cleansing and scrubbing after which foot massage is done with pure jasmine aroma oil, which is followed by a natural fresh fruit pack. To finish with a hot compress is given over feet for ultimate pampering.

After Effect : Relaxed glowing feet and an experience of perfect harmony and serenity with rich floral fragrance and flowers all around.


Foot & Head Massage


Avahanspa has come up with a combination of both foot & head massage for its clients to induce in them a deeper sense of calmness and relaxation.

Foot Massage : Aims to relax the client and relieve pressure by rubbing the muscle, tendons, ligaments, skin and joints of the feet.

Head Massage :Aims to bring about balance and harmony into an individual by applying stimulating techniques on the shoulder, neck and scalp.