Natural packs & scrubs

Body packs and scrubs

We use high-quality, natural, and internationally recognized Iraya products for body – care. Experience and indulge in this detoxification ritual of exfoliation, purification, and nourishment. Using wraps and scrubs made with natural ingredients including fruits, flowers, and minerals, we eliminate the skin’s impurities and improve its natural appearance, revealing fresh vitality. The treatments are followed by a unique therapeutic rain shower which features multiple jets of water and contrasting temperature. Showerheads are strategically positioned over your body’s reflex pathways fully relaxing your body and bolstering your immune system while increasing stamina.

Pure body retreat:

Experience the aromatic power of Jasmine body polish fused with a rejuvenating Banana, Carrot seed, and Cucumber body masque for deep cleansing, toning, and relaxation. This is followed by an application of uplifting meditative oil massage. The treatment is total nourishment and leaves the body renewed and revitalized. Ingredients – Jasmine body polish, Uplifting mediation blend of oil and Banana carrot seed and cucumber body masque

Aquamarine reviver:

A reviving treatment developed for Dry to Normal skin types, a string of therapies starting from a sea salt body polish is smeared on your body followed by a refreshing peppermint and basil oil massage, the treatment ends with Marine actives, a cleansing body masque for deep cleansing and toning. Ingredients – Reviving salt body polish, Peppermint and basil oil, and Reviving Body Masque – Marine Actives.

Rainforest indulgence:

A pampering sequence of therapies, starting with a Vetiver Cardamom & Cane Sugar Body Polish, all-natural to ensure a fantastic polishing experience, this is followed by a gentle sandalwood oil massage. The treatment ends with a Rainforest mud mask which would pep up the circulation to restore brilliance by firming and revitalizing the skin. Ingredients – Vetiver Cardamom & Cane Sugar Body Polish, Sandalwoods light massage oil, and Revitalizing Mud Mask – Rainforest Mud