Natures Intended

Plush Papaya and coffee body polish

The treatment starts with an incredible scrub which uses the exfoliating power of rice grains to remove dead skin cells for revitalized, radiant skin. Ground coffee beans provide antioxidant benefits and tighten the skin. This is followed by a papaya body butter mask – fresh honey, natural yogurt and ground coffee powder is mixed together and smeared on the body. This mask moisturizes the skin and is rich in essential fatty acids that help to repair skin’s moisture barrier.

Coco boreh

Get totally buffed and invigorated, Our 100% natural coconut and sugar scrub is a total skin exfoliate combining the wonderful rich properties of fresh coconut, coconut cream blended with grown raw sugar. The sugar cleanses away the dead skin cells leavening the skin feeling soft and moisturised at the same time. After exfoliating the skin the body is painted with a masque blended with honey, banana, oats, coconut and essential oils to nourish and pamper the skin. Essentail ingredients – Coconut, Banana, Sugar, Coconut oil, Oats, Water

Citrus Vodka Indulgence

The ritual begins with a citrus foot soak – a refreshing foot cleansing treatment. It is infused with lime leaves, salt and vodka. A body ritual follows after this, a divine scrub prepared with coffee, vodka and sesame. The procedure ends with aromatherapy body treatment using bitter orange and cinnamon oil, this ia a unique uplifting blend known for its relaxing and invigorating properties. Coffee: Provides anti-oxidant properties Vodka: Cleansing agents removes dirt and dead cells and tighten pores. Active Ingredients: vodka, coffee, sesame, essential, lime leaves


Chocolate Escape


The finest that we have in the genre of body polishing is Chocolate Escape, Indulging in it is a luxurious experience that can feed your sense and your skin at the same time. The process initiates with cleansing and scrubbing of the body with cocoa powder, wine, honey and other key ingredients in it followed by aromatherapy body treatment with sesame oil and warm liquid chocolate after which a chocolate body mask(Chocolate, Cocoa powder, wine, fresh fruits, honey, drained vitamin E capsules is mixed together) is smeared on the body.

Get scrubbed, wrapped and nourished from a chest of rejuvenating herbs, flowers and fruits. Experience age old ancient recipes which are truly holistic and focus on well being in its entirety.

Choose from our monthly specials of freshly handmade body packs and scrubs.

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