About Us

Avahan Spa is one of a kind as it believes that the core of well-being is relieving the stress of life for at least a small period of time. This causes one even have a different perspective on life. It is also a significant factor in holistic healing. Hence we not only bring you excellent packages of Body Therapies & Treatments, Facial Treatments, Natural packs & scrubs that target the stress elements in both Oriental and Western practice systems.

Located in a prime spot in the city of Kolkata, we have a huge base of satisfied clients and membership holders. Our membership services are very reasonable with excellent discounts on every kind of package.

Avahan is very essential to be in one with one’s soul or inner being and in complete harmony with it. It brings our true health and reflects the authentic beauty of one. Our ancient techniques of healing with stones and crystals, aromatic essential oils, fresh herbs, and natural clay and mud help one release all kinds of negativity, relax and ease up. It also helps to release all the impurities from both mind and body giving a holistic healing.


Our therapeutic practices Aromatherapy, Swedish Massage Therapy, deep tissue massage, Hot Stone Therapy and Thai Yoga, Anti Ageing Fruit Facial, Pure Body Retreat, Aqua Marine Reviver, Rain Forest Indulgence, Plush Papaya Body Polish, Coffee Body Polish, Rice Scrub, Oatmeal Scrub. We also deliver you special Stress Relief Therapy. We also club them with professional Facial Treatment done with world-class brand products and specifically offer Anti-ageing, skin Brightening, and related Express Services that are devoted to your feeling as well as looking good. Our special body polishing treatments detoxify, rejuvenate, and rehydrate the entire body and make it glow with health and beauty. It makes one feel relaxed and fresh. Painstakingly formulated face masks and professional massages help in reviving one outlook toward oneself.